The History of Blythewood Masonic Lodge, No. 395, A.F.M.


Blythewood Lodge, No. 395 A.F.M. had its inception on the night of December 3, 1959, when seven local Master Masons, namely; H.P. Legrand, T.W. Sharpe, Jr., W.J. Ballentine, Herbert Ballentine, Robert W. Loner, James C. Davis, and H.B. McLean, Sr. met in the Agent’s office of the local Southern Railway Station. The purpose being a general discussion of the possibility or feasibility of organizing either a Masonic Club or a Masonic Lodge in the Blythewood area.

After lengthy discussion and expression of opinions, it was decided to call a meeting of the interested local Master Masons to meet at the Blythewood Community Center at 8:00 p.m. on December 8, 1959 for further discussion. Twenty six Masons were present at this meeting. H.P Legrand was elected moderator. H.B. McLean, Sr. was elected secretary. Brother Legrand stated that the purpose of the meeting was for a general and open discussion about the possibility of organizing a lodge of Master Masons in the Blythewood area. It was stated that a number of Masons holding membership in lodges at Ridgeway, Winnsboro, Columbia and elsewhere in the state had indicated a keen interest in organizing a Lodge in the area.

A committee to contact Ridgeway Masonic Lodge, No. 30 A.F.M. to inform them of our action and to solicit their help and sponsorship in the event a new Lodge is chartered. A majority of our members at the time were in Ridgeway Masonic Lodge. J. Louie Frick, Hubert W. Stricklin and E.B. Cooper were appointed.

The first meeting to elect officers was held at 8:00 p.m. on January 13, 1960 at the Blythewood Community Center. Thirty five Masons were present. The following officers were elected and appointed:

H.P. Legrand, Worshipful Master
R.W. Loner, Senior Warden
H.W. Stricklin, Junior Warden
H.B. McLean, Sr., Treasurer
Horace W. Shealy, Secretary
James C. Davis, Senior Deacon
H.R. Norton, Junior Deacon
W.J. Ballentine, Chaplain
E.B. Cooper, Steward
T.W. Sharpe, Jr., Steward
B.S. Boney, Tiler

The first meeting was held under dispensation on February 2, 1960 at which time the Dispensation was presented to the Lodge by Hugh N. Layne, Deputy Grand Master and Rev. Henry F. Collins, Grand Lodge Secretary. Both were acting for the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina.

The Lodge was duly chartered by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina on April 28, 1960, as Blythewood Masonic Lodge, No. 395 A.F.M. with 45 charter members. Their previous membership was in the following Lodges: Winnsboro Masonic Lodge, 1, Ridgeway Masonic Lodge, 30, Richland Masonic Lodge, 2, Acacia Masonic Lodge, 2, Sinclair Masonic Lodge, 2, Abney Masonic Lodge, 1, Columbia Masonic Lodge, 2, Anglo-Saxon Masonic Lodge, 1, Eau Claire Masonic Lodge, 3, Earlewood Masonic Lodge, 1, and Broad River Masonic Lodge, 2.